We leave school with reading, writing and arithmatic together with a smattering of history and geography. We then enter a world governed by the rule of law. Common sense gives us an elusive understanding of most of the old law but much of politicaly made law touches our sanity. But if we are to thrive in this grownup world with confidence we need to go to finishing school ie Law School.

Most people will acquire other skills to make a living, perhapse a trade, a craft or a profession. Some will ply these skills in the services of an employer, a few might strike out on their own business

Either way your will need some general skills in managment or projects, but true confidence comes when you bridge your comonsense with a unerstanding of how the law ties it all together.

An understanding of the principles underpinning the law is the greatest 'self-help' and personal development endeavour any person can undertake. As I stated ...

Welcome to finishing school

Gavin 7 May 2022