Welcome to our online training site!

We (Gavin Weiman) are building this site from the ground up and are looking for beta testers. 

Pre-launch phase

We are busy developing our first course General Principles of Contract Law for Contractors and Consultants. This is a logical starting point as it is that foundation of all the other courses we will be presenting. This is one of the reasons why we call out training Contact Centric

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points

Beta testers will be rewarded with CPD points for their development help and assistance if and when these are available. Each course will, when ready to be formally launched, be accredited and registered with ECSA for CPD points.


29 April 2020 - initial site setup almost complete - initial courses created - beta testing agreement created - work commences on  Contract Law Essentials for Contractors and Consultants

25 May 2020 - graphics and grid layout structure in place and ready for the first layer of content


20 April 2020